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My name is Maclau, and I have been a designer-cum-illustrator for more than 25 years. I have worked in the digital world developing projects and had done digital campaigns for large clients for my own agency. My life course, however, changed when I had my son, Mike. I had given birth to Mike when I was 40, and the experience of being a mother showed me a totally different and charming world of children.

The fact that I could clearly see features of Mike’s personality within a few months of his birth made quite an impression. My little baby had just been born but the features were all very clear. Furthermore, my interactions with other babies close to the family convinced me that these little treasures were all born with a unique personalities. Some of them were jovial and playful while some others have a personality that could be characterized as reserved, restless, introverted, sensitive, and so on. Each child obviously had a unique combination of traits that defined their individual personality.

Having come to this realization, thenceforth I bought any product for Mike based on the characteristics that I observed he had developed. This was the point where the idea of Kuinkol was born. I realized there exists the need to reflect the uniqueness of each child in baby products as unique as them; products which each child can relate to. Therefore, with my expertise and the best team, we launched Kuinkol.

Although Kuinkol is a new product, just in its first year of existence, I believe it has the right attributes to create uniqueness through personalized products for kids.

So what are you waiting for? Start creating your own Kuinkol, as unique as your kid.


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